About us

We’re passionate about good quality software and good design.

Who we are

If you get in touch with us, you’re likely to talk to one of the following people. We all communicate with customers, because we want to know what’s going right — and what’s going wrong.

Alastair Houghton

Alastair started Coriolis Systems back in 2004, and is the original author of both iDefrag and iPartition.

He’s our Managing Director, but most days spends his time coding, either for our software or our website.

In addition to running the company and writing software, Alastair is also responsible for all of the artwork in our products. He says it helps him to relax in between coding sessions.

Heather Houghton

Alastair’s long-suffering mum, Heather, handles some of the day-to-day administration, and also deals with one or two specific types of customer queries.

Who we were

Some other people who have worked for us in the past:

Chris Suter

Chris was responsible for quite a bit of code in both iDefrag and iPartition, notably writing the reboot-and-defragment support in iDefrag, greatly improving iPartition’s smart partitioning routines and adding Windows and NTFS support to iPartition. If you ever get the chance to hire Chris, you should.

James Snook

When we interviewed James, we left him with a programming task to try, and even though he’d never done any C before, he still managed to submit one of the best solutions, after teaching himself C in a weekend. Since then, James has grown into a talented Objective-C developer.

Ed Warrick

Ed has a PhD in Quantum Physics, worked on some of the mathematics used by the team at CERN that runs the Large Hadron Collider and is one of the most talented and friendly people you could ever hope to work with.

Mark Steadman

The most immediately noticeable thing about Mark is his sense of style, but that’s just scratching the surface. Mark left us to pursue a PhD in neural coding (essentially trying to understand the way the cells in your brain communicate, which should lead to advances in prosthetics, hearing and visual aids).