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El Capitan

OS X 10.11 El Capitan will be released tomorrow. Some of you will be wondering whether our software will run on El Capitan or not.

We know that the current versions of both iDefrag and iPartition are not compatible. We have a beta version of iDefrag that we believe ...

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iDefrag 5.1.0 beta 2

For some reason we didn’t blog about this when we posted the article on our support site, but we have a beta version of iDefrag 5.1.0 available for download.

This version includes:

  • El Capitan compatibility fixes.
  • Some (very subtle) El Capitan UI changes to make it match ...

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iPartition 3.5.0 beta 1

We’ve just pushed out a beta of iPartition 3.5.0, which fixes the “Create Boot Disk” feature to work on Yosemite. The back-end code has undergone some revision in this version, which while it might not show in the user interface, should help us to maintain and improve ...

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Log-in details and the My Account Page

The My Account page from the old site is gone, and we won’t be reinstating it. If you have log-in details, from now on these are just a registration key, no more, and you should continue to use them to activate copies of our software where necessary.

If you ...

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Unexpected iDefrag 5 license

If you’ve received an iDefrag 5 License this morning by e-mail, don’t worry — it’s just that you purchased iDefrag 2 after 1st of September 2014, and so you’re entitled to a free upgrade to iDefrag 5.

See this support article.

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New website

We’ve got a new website!

OK, so it isn’t quite finished yet, but we needed this in order to release iDefrag 5. Please bear with us while we finish things off and get everything working just as we’d like.

Long-time customers will notice that there is no ...

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