iDefrag 2

By Alastair on Jan. 18, 2010

We’ve just released what is hopefully the last Beta version of iDefrag 2. We hope to release the new version very soon.

Anybody who purchased iDefrag recently or purchases between now and when we release it, will get a free upgrade.

If you want to try it, get it here (8.7 MB).

As with the previous Beta versions, free stuff to anyone who reports problems we don’t know about.1 Many thanks to those of you who have reported problems with the earlier versions.

Release notes can be found on our feed which is different to our iDefrag 1 feed so please subscribe to that feed to stay on top of iDefrag 2 releases. Note that the link above will only work in a browser that supports ATOM feeds, such as Safari.

Please remember that even though this is a fairly mature beta version, this is still pre-release software, so please back up first, just in case something goes wrong.

Please send comments about this release to our support team.

  1. We’ll be reasonable about the free upgrades and free licenses, but we reserve the right to rescind the offer at any time, and we also reserve the right to determine what is or is not a bug. Basically, if you help us, we’ll give you the free stuff, but if hundreds all report the same bug, some will end up being disappointed. Our decision is final.


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