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El Capitan

OS X 10.11 El Capitan will be released tomorrow. Some of you will be wondering whether our software will run on El Capitan or not.

We know that the current versions of both iDefrag and iPartition are not compatible. We have a beta version of iDefrag that we believe works, and a beta version of iPartition that we think works.

As always, we insist on testing with the final version of El Capitan before making final releases for compatibility purposes. We can’t guarantee that things will work on a version of OS X we haven’t yet seen, and while Apple does provide pre-release versions of OS X, they are just that… pre-releases. Things can change, even between versions Apple claims are GM releases and the final release, and we think our customers would prefer that we don’t claim compatibility until we’re sure of it.

Once we have the final release in our hands, we will work to get final releases of iDefrag and iPartition out as soon as possible.

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