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iDefrag 5.1.8

We’re pleased to announce the release of iDefrag 5.1.8 (release notes).

This version resolves the following problems:

  • Reboot-and-defragment mode failed to function on macOS 10.12.4.
  • Graphical corruption on buttons in reboot-and-defragment mode (this wasn’t an iDefrag bug per se, but is resolved by the changes made ...

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iDefrag and macOS 10.12.4

On macOS 10.12.4, changes made to the system mean that iDefrag 5.1.7 and earlier can no longer enter reboot-and-defragment mode. We understand the cause of this problem, and have what we think is a solution for it, which is currently being tested to make sure we ...

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Open letter to


For the second time now, you’ve started throwing our license e-mails on the floor, in spite of them being accepted by your mail servers:

Mar 28 09:21:37 xxxxx postfix/smtp[13068]: 10C9320070: to=,[]:25, delay=1.5 ...

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