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iDefrag 5.2.0

We’ve just released iDefrag 5.2.0. This version fixes a number of cases where reboot-and-defragment wasn’t working, and also tidies up after itself slightly better.

We also took the difficult decision to remove the on-line defragmentation functionality from this version if it finds itself running on macOS 10.12.5 or above. While we believe that iDefrag is not at fault and that the problems some users have reported are being caused by bugs in the macOS kernel, we can’t continue to ship a product that, if our warnings are ignored, might result in a non-booting machine.

If and when the problem affecting 10.12.5 and later is fixed, on-line defragmentation features will be reinstated in an update. Users running 10.12.4 or earlier are not affected — iDefrag will detect the earlier version and allow on-line defrag to function.

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