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Aura 1.2.0

We’re really pleased to another update to Aura; in addition to fixing a couple of bugs, this version adds support for a range of external USB audio hardware for users with machines that don’t have S/PDIF output.

Great, you say! What hardware do you support? The answer, at present, is anything with an optical output that uses the C-Media CM6206 chipset. This includes a variety of inexpensive audio devices that you can pick up on Amazon or eBay; the one we tested looks like this:

There are other types available using the same chipset.

Note that there are a wide variety of USB audio devices that do not have S/PDIF output or are based on other chips that we don’t support (at present). In particular, these very common devices do not work with Aura and cannot be made to as they don’t actually have S/PDIF out, in spite of some of the advertising material saying they do (we bought some and took them apart to check):

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