Open Source

This page contains information about any Open Source software we may make available from time to time.

CSMail Framework

CSMail is a very simple framework that provides an NSMailDelivery-like interface but supports plug-in back-ends that can talk to other e-mail software. Currently we provide Eudora and Entourage support, as well as a built-in back-end.

CSMail has some support for formatting; currently the Entourage back-end can send formatted messages. It also supports attachments for all back-ends.

We're very interested in gaining support for other e-mail clients, however some mail clients will need a significant amount of work—for instance, Mozilla Thunderbird, which doesn't provide an AppleScript interface.

Download the source code (version 1.3.0, 62KB).



To install a plug-in, download and decompress the file, then place it in

/Library/Application Support/Coriolis/CSMail Plugins/

(You may need to create this folder if it does not exist.)

Pre-built versions of the available plug-ins can be found below. Note that support for is built-in; you don't need to download anything if you use that client.

Microsoft Entourage | Qualcomm Eudora

Update History

2006-01-18Entourage plug-in updated to fix a couple of bugs in the HTML generator regarding linefeed sequences.
2006-03-31Various bug fixes and improvements.
2006-09-28A few minor improvements.
2007-05-09Fixed the test program.
2009-10-20Updated the source bundle from our repository.