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Is it safe to push the Stop button?


For some reason, some customers appear to be concerned that pushing the stop button in iDefrag might leave their disk in an invalid or unreadable state. This is categorically not the case — it would be foolish to design an application with such a dangerous and easily accessible “feature”. The stop button in iDefrag will always wait for the filesystem to be in a consistent state before actually stopping.

As of version 5, the program should in most cases stop very quickly when you press the stop button. In contrast, version 2 and earlier might take considerable time to stop because they will finish moving the fragment they are currently working on before stopping (version 5, in contrast, will abort the move in most cases). In all cases the filesystem should be left in a consistent state.

Posted by alastair at 2015-Nov-23 10:11:42 UTC. Last updated 2015-Nov-23 10:11:57 UTC.