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Where has the My Account page gone? I can't log-in.

There is no longer a My Account page. Any usernames and passwords you may have are now only used to activate old copies of our software, or in the case where you’ve changed e-mail address, when you purchase an upgrade (in which case you’ll be asked for them at that point). You cannot log-in anywhere on our website now, because there is no log-in page any more.

If you want to download the software, the download links for the full versions are now on our website. There is no need to log-in to download.

If you need to obtain license details to activate software, please use the I lost my license link on our website.

If your copy of iDefrag or iPartition sent you here after demanding a key file, please see this page (for iDefrag) or this page (for iPartition).

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Posted by alastair at 2015-Mar-23 16:03:37 UTC. Last updated 2016-Sep-19 10:09:51 UTC.