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How do I replace or remove my iDefrag 5 license key?

To remove an iDefrag 5 license from a machine, please do the following:

  1. Run Terminal.

  2. Enter

    sudo rm "/Library/Application Support/iDefrag/iDefrag-5.dat"
  3. When prompted, enter your password.

When you’ve finished, the Terminal window should look something like this:

Last login: Tue Apr 28 14:06:48 on ttys001
My Mac$ sudo rm "/Library/Application Support/iDefrag/iDefrag-5.dat"
My Mac$

If it displays any error messages, let us know and we can explain what they mean.

After doing this, when you next start iDefrag 5 on that machine, it should prompt for your license.

Posted by alastair at 2015-Apr-28 13:04:20 UTC. Last updated 2015-Nov-12 13:11:40 UTC.