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All I see is a spinning indicator

If you’ve been asked by iDefrag to reboot and your machine starts up and displays a spinning indicator that doesn’t go away for 30 minutes or more, it means that reboot wasn’t successful. We think this is most likely caused by some third party software on your machine that is clashing with iDefrag — though we aren’t sure what at this point.

If you’re in this situation, please just restart your machine. It should boot normally. (If when you restart you get a grey background, it’s actually booted successfully into reboot-and-defragment mode, in which case you can defragment.)

Customers reporting this problem have confirmed that using the “Create Boot Disk” option (under the “iDefrag” menu) does work, so this would be our recommendation if you are affected by this problem.

Also, please do let us know if you have any third-party utility software installed on your machine, or if you have previously had any third-party utility software on the machine. We’re very interested to get to bottom of this problem.

Posted by alastair at 2015-Sep-18 14:09:37 UTC.