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My iDefrag 5 license (issued before 5 April 2015) won’t work

When iDefrag 5 was first released, some customers were sent license files that were broken (as a result of a bug in our server-side code). We quickly identified and fixed this problem and sent out e-mails containing replacement licenses, but it has become apparent that a substantial number of customers did not follow the instructions in the e-mail, or have subsequently reinstalled and used the original broken license.

As a result iDefrag 5.1.2 and above will no longer accept license files issued before 5th April 2015. If you purchased on or before this date, or had a free upgrade license that was issued before this date, please use the lost license form to retrieve a fresh copy of your license that will work.

If you find after doing that that iDefrag keeps asking for the license every time you run it, please follow these instructions.

To those customers who were originally issued broken licenses and followed the instructions to fix that: please accept our apologies for the additional nuisance this may cause. We thought long and hard before taking this step — but it was quite clear that the number of people still using broken licenses was too high, and this was the simplest way to eliminate the problem, albeit at the cost of some short-term pain.

Posted by alastair at 2016-Apr-18 13:04:22 UTC. Last updated 2016-May-10 09:05:56 UTC.