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iDefrag keeps asking me to drop my license key when I start it

(The rest of this article assumes you have purchased the version of iDefrag you are trying to use. If not, you can purchase from the iDefrag page.)

Some customers have reported that iDefrag is asking them to drag and drop their license key every time they run the program. This is fixed in version 5.1.9. If you are using an earlier version, you will need to delete the file iDefrag-5.dat in /Library/Application Support/iDefrag; to do that, please follow the instructions below:

From Finder

  1. Choose “Go to Folder…” from the “Go” menu. Please do not try to skip this step by browsing for the location yourself — there are multiple “Library” folders and you will very likely pick the wrong one.

  2. Enter

    /Library/Application Support/iDefrag

    Note that this is not the folder in your home folder.

  3. Press “Go”.

  4. Delete the file “iDefrag-5.dat”.

From Terminal

  1. Enter

    sudo rm "/Library/Application Support/iDefrag/iDefrag-5.dat"
  2. When prompted, enter your password (the one you use to log-in to your computer). Note that you won’t see your password appear on the screen; this is normal, and is to stop people looking over your shoulder from seeing your password.

When you’ve finished, the Terminal window should look something like this:

Last login: Tue Apr 28 14:06:48 on ttys001
My Mac$ sudo rm "/Library/Application Support/iDefrag/iDefrag-5.dat"
My Mac$

If it displays any error messages, let us know and we can explain what they mean.

Posted by alastair at 2016-Jun-20 17:06:41 UTC. Last updated 2017-Jun-27 08:06:59 UTC.