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Even after unlocking, iPartition says I'm not authorised

On macOS High Sierra (10.13), if you try to inspect the boot disk with iPartition, it will show a lock button. Unfortunately, if you click the lock button and unlock it, iPartition is still unable to read from the boot disk because of improvements made to system security on 10.13. You could disable System Integrity Protection (the mechanism used to enforce this), but we don’t recommend it — it’s a valuable protection against malware, and we really don’t want someone getting in touch to tell us that we told them to turn it off and some nasty piece of malicious software emptied their bank account.

You will need to make a boot disk to use iPartition on your usual boot disk anyway, but on 10.13 you need to do this even just to inspect the boot disk.

Posted by alastair at 2017-Dec-21 14:12:39 UTC.