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E-mail providers you shouldn't use

The following e-mail providers’ mail servers either outright block our license e-mails, or they accept our license e-mails for delivery, then don’t actually bother delivering them. If your mail provider is on this list, we recommend switching to iCloud, which works, unlike your mail provider, which doesn’t.

ProviderDescriptionProblem suspected sinceDate addedDate resolvedWho to complain to
orange.frLicense e-mails accepted for delivery but not

If your provider is listed above, we are certain that there is a problem at their end. Telling us that you have no problem receiving e-mail from other sources is a waste of time; you need either to give us an alternative e-mail address, or complain at your provider so that they fix the problem.

Posted by alastair at 2017-Apr-03 09:04:51 UTC. Last updated 2017-Apr-03 10:04:55 UTC.