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Why don't you support macOS 10.13?

macOS 10.13 ships with a new filesystem, APFS, which is the default for many models and can be used on others at user discretion. Unfortunately, to date, Apple has not published any technical documentation on the APFS volume format. Even if Apple does publish its technical documentation, adding support for APFS to a disk utility is likely to involve months of work.

Our products should have partial functionality1 on macOS 10.13, but we don’t feel we can claim compatibility with 10.13 unless we have APFS support, which, right now, is impossible.

Contrary to the information Apple is putting out, if you want to ask someone why third-party disk utilities don’t have APFS support, or whether they will be getting support, you should ask Apple.

  1. Specifically, they will work on HFS+, NTFS and FAT volumes. If you have System Integrity Protection enabled on a 10.13 system, you will not be able to inspect the boot disk as 10.13 has locked down direct access (even read only, even for the superuser) to the boot disk.

    We do not recommend disabling System Integrity Protection as a workaround, because the chances are that some users would leave this valuable malware protection mechanism disabled. 

Posted by alastair at 2017-Sep-20 07:09:20 UTC. Last updated 2017-Sep-28 07:09:02 UTC.