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Does Aura work with USB "sound cards" that have S/PDIF?

Aura will work with any device that advertises an ability to transport S/PDIF audio — so if you have a USB sound card with its own driver, it may simply work.

If, on the other hand, we’re talking about the cheap and ubiquitous USB devices sold on Amazon and eBay for a few dollars, well, it depends. Aura has built-in support for devices based on the C-Media CM6206 chipset. It does not presently support other types of device without their own drivers.

So, for instance, this device is known to work:

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Do note that Aura was designed to work with devices that aren’t removable; unplugging a USB audio device while Aura is using it is probably not a great plan. We plan on improving behaviour in this area in a future update. If you do disconnect the USB device while Aura is running, you may need to restart the machine to get Aura to work again.

Posted by alastair at 2018-Mar-14 11:03:23 UTC. Last updated 2018-Mar-14 18:03:50 UTC.